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You've revoked the token for %{application}

Sa said kasutasid soovitust %{application} Approve this translation

Facebook appears to be momentarily down. Please try again in a few moments.

Facebook hetkel ei tööta. Proovi varsti uuesti. Approve this translation

Authorize Application

Autoriseeri programm Approve this translation

The application %{name} would like the ability to <strong>access and update</strong> your data on UserVoice.

Programmil %{name} oleks vaja sinu luba, et lugeda ja uuendada sinu infot UserVice lehel. Approve this translation

Sorry about that, we couldn't log you in. Try to log in again.

Vabandame, sisselogimine ebaõnnestus. Palun proovi uuesti. Approve this translation

Your email cannot be anonymous if you want to log in via Facebook.

Sinu e-post ei saa olla anonüümne kui tahad Facebooki abil sisse logida. Approve this translation

You need to provide a valid email address via Facebook.

Sa pead andma Facebook'i kaudu kehtiva e-posti aadressi. Approve this translation