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Allow <strong>%{name}</strong> access to your UserVoice profile?

Lubama %{name} juurdepääsu oma UserVoice profiili? Approve this translation

Allow access

Võimaldada juurdepääs Approve this translation

OpenID authentication failed: %{message}

OpenID autentimine ebaõnnestus: %{message} Approve this translation

OpenID authentication provider for %{provider} is currently unavailable

OpenID autentimine poole %{provider} ei ole hetkel kättesaadav Approve this translation

You are now signed in to the contributor sidebar. You can close this window and return to the sidebar.

Nüüd olete sisse logitud panustaja külgribasse. Saate selle akna sulgeda ja naasta külgriba juurde. Approve this translation

Only administrators can log in via this method. Please log in another way.

Ainult administraatorid saavad selle meetodi abil sisse logida. Logige sisse muul viisil. Approve this translation

This %{provider} account is no good, it has no verified email address.

See %{provider} konto pole hea, sellel ei ole kinnitatud e-posti aadressi. Approve this translation

Sorry about that, we couldn't log you in. Please try again.

Vabandust, me ei saanud teid sisse logida. Palun proovige uuesti. Approve this translation