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You've revoked the token for %{application}

Ви відмінили токен для %{application} Approve this translation


Відмовити Approve this translation


Успішно! Approve this translation

Facebook appears to be momentarily down. Please try again in a few moments.

Судячи зі всього, Facebook на даний момент недоступний. Спробуйте пізніше. Approve this translation

Authorize Application

Авторизація програми Approve this translation

The application %{name} would like the ability to <strong>access and update</strong> your data on UserVoice.

Додаток %{name} хоче мати доступ і можливість зміни Ваших даних у UserVoice. Approve this translation

Sorry about that, we couldn't log you in. Try to log in again.

На жаль, Ви не змогли увійти. Спробуйте знову. Approve this translation

Your email cannot be anonymous if you want to log in via Facebook.

Якщо ви хочете увійти в систему через Facebook, Ваша адреса електронної пошти не може бути анонімною. Approve this translation

You need to provide a valid email address via Facebook.

not translated

Allow <strong>%{name}</strong> access to your UserVoice profile?

not translated

Allow access

Дозволити доступ Approve this translation

Sign in to your UserVoice profile

not translated

OpenID authentication failed: %{message}

not translated

OpenID authentication provider for %{provider} is currently unavailable

not translated

You are now signed in to the contributor sidebar. You can close this window and return to the sidebar.

not translated

Only administrators can log in via this method. Please log in another way.

not translated

This %{provider} account is no good, it has no verified email address.

not translated

Sorry about that, we couldn't log you in. Please try again.

not translated