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I suggest you ...

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Terms of service

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subscription plan does not include domain aliasing

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does not belong to subdomain

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This forum has closed. No more voting is allowed.

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Customer Feedback for %{account_name}

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under review

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resolves to '%{resolves_to}' instead of '%{host}'. Check your DNS settings.

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is not resolving. It may take up to 72 hours for your DNS changes to propagate. %{link}

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Have your forum setup on your own domain (ex: Preserves your brand experience and adds value SEO by putting user generated content on your domain

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Your users can transition seamlessly from your site to UserVoice without any registration required. This greatly lowers the barrier to giving feedback. Your users profiles and avatars can be integrated into UserVoice for a more seamless user experience.

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Each voter is granted 10 votes (per forum) to spend on ideas they support. This forces people to focus on their top ideas which yields higher quality feedback. With this option you can set the number of votes each voter gets on a per forum basis.

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Some things are best discussed privately. You can limit a forum by email address, by email domain or through Single Sign-On.

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Your customers won't even need to know that they've left your site. Configure your UserVoice design (headers, footers, and CSS) to match your existing look-and-feel.

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Multiple support options including 24/7 dedicated account management.

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Most accounts have one forum for general ideas and create additional forums to drill into topic with both your users and internal team.

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SSL encryption will keep your data secure.

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Adds granular control over how the vote fraud detector works.

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Email address

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iPhone Plugin

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Crowdsourced moderation

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My tickets

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Everyone else

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Feedback Tab Widget

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Categories allow you to organize ideas within your forums. Users can select which category their idea belongs to when suggesting ideas.

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is invalid

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Profanity filter

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