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Add new category

Lägg till kategori Approve this translation

Not applied to private forums or admins.

Tillämpas ej på privata forum eller administratörer. Approve this translation


Hänvisare Approve this translation

Your client has been deleted.

Din klient har tagits bort. Approve this translation

How can we improve %{org}?

1 Hur kan vi förbättra %{org}? Approve this translation

Enter your note here

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not translated

You have %{n} days left in your free trial.

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Edit client

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Email addresses

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this is the last rule

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Your billing information has been saved.

2 Din fakturainformation har sparats. Approve this translation

registered users

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Tell us a little about your goals

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Authorize specific email domains

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iPhone Plugin

iPhone-plugin Approve this translation

Field placeholder

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2 Språk Approve this translation

Crowdsourced moderation

Crowdsourcad moderering Approve this translation


not translated

Copy and paste the following code into your HTML just before the closing %{tag} tag:

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(Verifierad) Approve this translation


not translated

Users can still see the entire forum but cannot create ideas or vote. Users will still be able to comment.

not translated

Placeholder text the user will see in the new idea input field

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not translated


not translated

e.g., Customer Feedback & Ideas

not translated

%{num} characters max

not translated

Fully Customizable Design

Fullt anpassningsbar design Approve this translation


not translated

by %{user}

från %{user} Approve this translation

account owners

not translated


not translated


1 Svar Approve this translation

Download CSV template

not translated

Request Token URL

not translated

try again

försök igen Approve this translation

Send and close ticket

not translated

Hey there,

1 Hallå där, Approve this translation

Full control over content, access and data retention.

Full kontroll över innehåll, tillgång och datalagring. Approve this translation

Invoices are emailed to <strong>%{emails}</strong> each time you are billed.

not translated

We've removed the ability to specify background colors on a per-forum basis.

not translated

Ideas are suggested and voted up to the top.

1 Idéer föreslås och röstas upp till toppen. Approve this translation

We were unable to process your credit card: %{message}

1 Vi kunde tyvärr inte behandla ditt kreditkort: %{message} Approve this translation

Most likely you have a new card and have just forgotten to input it (there are so many things to keep track of, aren't there?).

1 Troligen har du ett nytt kort och glömde bara att mata in det (det är så många saker att hålla reda på, inte sant?). Approve this translation

The SPF record for %{domain} is invalid; outgoing emails may be marked as spam

not translated

Your plan does not allow any more forums.

not translated